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"This lip and cheek tint makes you look like you're glowing from the inside, like you have just been on a country picnic!" Poppy

Many women are afraid of matte because they think it is high-maintenance, hard to wear and drying. Not so with this lip-cheek rouge, especially as the four shades were designed to be the colors of blush, very sweet, subtle and flattering.

If you are wearing a bold or bright lip color then Oxymoron is the perfect way to subtly enhance your natural cheek color.

  • Four shades with Oxymoron names; Oxymoron means two opposites together (for example matte & gloss). It feels as smooth and light as a gloss but goes on matte!!
  • Designed to use on the lips and cheeks
  • For the lips, use a lip brush or your finger to apply
  • For the cheeks, just dab a small amount on with your finger and blend


Saint Rouge

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